Video Game Programming & Design

videogameVideo Game Programming and Design Instructor: Jennifer Moriarty, M.Ed. CEC offers two video game creation tracks of study: Introductory Video Game Development and Design and Advanced Video Game

Programming Introductory Video Game Development and Design is an explorative course designed for students with little experience with computers or gaming. In this class you will create simple, colorful games using easy drag-and-drop helper programs such as Alice, Scratch and RealityBlocks. You will refine your literacy skills by reading and discussing game reviews and industry articles and by crafting interesting and engaging storyboards and design plans for your games. Currently, this is a one semester course.

Advanced Video Game Programming is meant for the serious gamer that is ready for a challenging, college-level programming course. Students do NOT need any prior programming experience to enroll in this course, but they should be prepared to write the actual C/C++ code behind games- sometimes hundreds of lines long! By the end of the first semester, students will be able to mostly code a “PONG” style game from scratch. By the end of the second semester, students will be able to mostly code an original “Mario Bros” level from scratch, and will be prepared to take the AP Computer Science exam. Third and Fourth semester students work on designing and creating their own game projects. This class is open to students in geometry and above.

Credits: 15 Grades: 9-12
Number of Semesters: 1-4

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