Teaching careersCourse Title:
Teaching Careers

Course Numbers:
Fall and Spring 7364AA

Course Curriculum:

  • The Developing Child
  • The Effective Teacher
  • Becoming a Teacher

Course Description:
Students will investigate the eight core knowledge areas required to meet professional credentialing standards that include growth and development, nutrition, health, safety, play, guidance, developmentally appropriate practices, community relationship, administration and professionalism.
What does Teaching Careers offer?

  • In-depth understanding and knowledge of child development and early childhood education and all that it pertains.

Benefits of the Teaching Careers class at C E C:

  • Develop a love of learning and knowledge
  • Work collaboratively with peers
  • Leadership
  • Hands-on work with the CEC Early Learning Academy students

Possible career choices in Teaching Careers include:

  • Teaching and Early Childhood Education
  • Family-Child Advocate
  • Counseling/Social Work
  • Community/Family Liaison

Michelle Montoya“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Course Credits:
Credits Per Semester: 15 Elective
Freshman Split: 7.5 Elective

Concurrent Enrollment:

Course Certifications Available:

For additional Information:
Contact Ms. Montoya at: 720.423-6606 or Michelle_Montoya@dpsk12.org

To Register:
Talk to your Counselor or call Dan DePinto, CEC counselor at 720-423-6681 to enroll.