graphic design classCourse Title:
Graphic Design

Course Numbers:
Fall # 8655;                           Spring #8656;
Advanced Fall #05432;      Advanced Spring # 05439

Course Curriculum:
Fall semester: Design for Print Media
Spring semester: Motion Graphics, Animation, and Web Design

Course Description:

Everywhere you look you see something created by a Graphic Artist/Designer.

 Graphic Designers are responsible for everything you see that is printed, from newspapers, to books, to posters and magazines. They are also responsible for the graphics, illustrations, games and animation you see on the Internet, and in video and movies. 
As students in Multimedia Graphic Design at C E C, you will make and create graphics, illustrations, layouts, animations and web pages that are limited only by your imagination.

What does Graphic Design offer?

  • Earn Adobe Certification
  • Explore the artistry and technology of Graphic Design (traditional and digital).
  • Learn how to use the latest graphic software programs.
  • Learn to use the latest web and animation software.
  • Become more sophisticated at conceptual development.
  • Learn how to get started in this exciting and diverse career field.
  • Explore Graphic Design as a career field.
  • Develop skills and gain knowledge that will help you outpace and outsmart the competition.

In Graphic Design you’ll develop your creativity while learning state-of-the-art skills. You’ll create a portfolio of work you can show prospective employers while working with real customers. You’ll learn computer illustration, photo illustration, web site design, animation, motion, graphics, typography, advertising graphics as well as developing your drawing skills.

 Benefits of the Graphic Design class at C E C:

  • Career exploration and training at almost no or low cost. (We supply the equipment and supplies; you must supply your talent and motivation.)
  • Individualized study focuses on aspects of Graphic Design that interest you most.
  • Be up to the competition when you start your career or continuing education.
  • Acquire skills that will help you get an enjoyable, well- paying job and a career.

Possible career choices in Graphic Design include:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Photo Illustrator
  • Web Designer
  • Animation Design
  • Character Designer
  • 3D Illustrator
  • Typographer

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“The key to success in Graphic Design, beyond being good with your tools, is coming up with new ways to say things and communicate in a way that your audience will hear you. Any time you are learning new things, it is slow. Some learning curves are steeper than others. It depends on your aptitude and personality. The trick is to allow time for learning to think in a creative way, learning how to develop ideas, bounce things off your peers and also get something concrete accomplished. Ideas don’t go anywhere if you don’t know how to express or present them.  My students learn communication AND software skills.  I try to help them fall in love with the development of an idea. That is the part of the process that will make or break the end product.”

–Ms. Havekotte

Course Credits:
Credits Per Semester: 15 Elective

Concurrent Enrollment:
3 College Credits/Concurrent enrollment  with EGTC (as of Spring 2013)

Course Certifications Available:
Become an Adobe Certified Associate in Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and InDesign

For additional Information:
Contact Ms Havekotte at: 720.423-6632 or

To Register:
Talk to your Counselor or call Dan DePinto, CEC counselor at 720-423-6681 to enroll.