lawCourse Title:
Law & Mock Trial

Course Numbers:

Course Curriculum:
The goal of the Criminal Justice Program is to complete the following course sequence to obtain a college certificate in Criminal Justice through Community College of Denver.

CRJ 110-Introduction to Criminal Justice; 3
CRJ 125 Policing Systems: 3
CRJ 127 Crime Scene Investigation: 3
CRJ 145 Introduction to Correctional Process: 3
CRJ 205 Principles of Criminal Law: 3
COM 115 Public Speaking: 3

Course Description:
The course is designed to provide practical education about the U.S. legal system, democracy, and human rights. We study several different areas of law including Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts, and others. Class practices will include debates/arguments, mock trial, persuasive speaking, and analytical and persuasive writing.

What does Law & Mock Trial offer?
This is a great class to sharpen your thinking, speaking, and writing whether you aspire to a career in law or any other field. Mock trial helps students learn to think critically about a large set of facts as well as to think on their feet. The spirit of competition drives students to achieve.

ALSO, you have the opportunity to earn up to 15 college credits (between two instructors in Criminal Justice)!

Benefits of the Law & Mock Trial class at C E C:

  • Learn critical thinking skills
  • Career exploration in the area of law and other careers requiring speaking and writing, and critical thinking skills
  • Be up to the competition when you start your career or continuing education.
  • Acquire skills that will help you think fast on your feet
  • The opportunity to compete against students from other schools

Possible career choices in Law include:

  • Lawyer
  • Paralegal
  • Legal Assistant
  • Legal Research expert

Concurrent Enrollment:
Concurrent Enrollment with CCD

Course Certifications Available:
Entry Level Certification in Criminal Justice

For additional Information:
Contact Richard Vaccaro at: 720.423-6676 or

To Register:
Talk to your Counselor or call Dan DePinto, CEC counselor at 720-423-6681 to enroll.