fitnessCourse Title:
Exercise and Health Sciences

Course Numbers:
7839  Anatomy and Physiology
8574  Physical Education
8576  Elective, Business Skills

Course Curriculum:
American Council on Exercise Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals
American Council on Exercise Personal Training Handbook
American Heart Association CPR for Healthcare Providers
Medical Terminology for Health Professionals, Sixth Edition

EHS provides foundational knowledge in anatomy, exercise physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, strength training, programming and communication techniques.

Course Description:
The class is equally divided into exercise science and physical exercise.  Students will workout the first hour of class on a variety of exercise modalities four days per week and learn to design personal exercise programs and group exercise classes.  More than half of the class concentrates on the foundational sciences that a trainer or wellness coach needs in order to help a client improve their health, sports performance or to change their body.  Opportunities to practice skills are available during class, Fitness Club, and internship experiences.  The program is not limited only to the physical but also includes nutrition, disease prevention, and mind-body health.

What does Exercise and Health Sciences offer?

  • Learn and earn a certificate from American Heart Association for CPR
  • Learn to demonstrate correct exercise form using a variety of equipment
  • Ability to modify an exercise for a physical limitation
  • Foundational sciences for fitness and wellness career fields
  • Opportunities to volunteer and shadow with fitness and wellness professionals
  • Develop skills needed to design effective exercise programs
  • Become comfortable in a position of educator and trainer in wellness
  • Three business partnerships that offer resources to the program

Benefits of the Exercise and Health Sciences class at CEC:

  • Get into shape and workout regularly
  • Become familiar with new industry trends and workout with current equipment options
  • Understand the role food intake plays in health and human performance
  • Acquire skills needed to help you get a well-paying job that you enjoy
  • Increase your self confidence in a business environment

Possible Career Choices in Exercise and Health Sciences include:

  • Personal Trainer or Small Group Trainer
  • Group Exercise Instructor
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Dietitian or Sports Dietitian
  • Weightroom Coach
  • Clinical Exercise Physiologist
  • Health Club Management
  • Massage Therapist
  • Cardio Rehab Therapist

“Many people work all of their lives in jobs they dislike.  Those who enter the fitness and wellness industry are entering an industry where people are positive and energetic and want to help others change habits that will improve their health and performance.  They want to be there!  The industry is full of up-beat individuals who love to motivate and it’s contagious!  Just try to be “down” when you see your client reach his or her goals!  Can’t be done!”

 Course Credits:
15 Credits per Semester:
5 Physical Education
5 Elective

Concurrent Enrollment:
CCD:  HPR 117, HWE 100, and an after school course for Healthy Cooking

Course Certifications:

NASM personal trainer certification

CCD college certificate for fitness and wellness.

To Register:
Talk to your Counselor or call Dan DePinto, CEC counselor at 720-423-6681 to enroll.