Culinary Arts-web versionCourse Title:
Culinary Arts

Course Numbers:
Fall # 08561                                      Spring #08561

Course Curriculum:
Fall and Spring semesters: Baking and pastry, American and French Cookery, front of the house, restaurant and business management

Course Description:
Looking for a tasty and rewarding career? This could be awaiting you in the restaurant or food business. By working in CEC’s Eliot Street Café, you’ll learn skills such as baking, quantity food preparation, customer service, banquet and catering operations and restaurant management. Advanced students are eligible for apprenticeships with chefs in the metro area’s best restaurants.

What does Culinary Arts offer?

  • Learn American and French cooking styles
  • Gain skills in baking and pastry
  • Learn production skills, including: prep, pantry, line cooking and scullery skills.
  • An understanding of the business management aspects of restaurant work.
  • Learn front of the house skills from waiter/waitress to marketing.
  • Learn how to get started in the culinary field.
  • Work in an actual restaurant—The Eliot Street Café, located inside CEC

Benefits of the Culinary Arts Class at C E C:

  • Career exploration and training at almost no cost. (We supply the equipment and supplies; you must supply your talent and motivation.)
  • Be up to the competition when you start your career or continuing education.
  • Acquire skills that will help you get an enjoyable, well- paying job and a career.

Possible career choices in Culinary include:

  • Manager
  • Chef
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Baker
  • Personal Chef
  • Hospital Chef
  • School Chef
  • Food Distributor


“World Renowned Chef Julia Child once said, ‘This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook—try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun.’ In the CEC Culinary Arts class we believe in making cooking fun and educational, as well as helping students explore it as a career opportunity.”

—CEC Chefs

Course Credits:
Credits Per Semester: 15 Elective

Concurrent Enrollment:
3 College Credits/Concurrent enrollment  with EGTC (as of Spring 2012)

Course Certifications Available:
Become Serve Safe Certified

For additional Information:
Contact Ms. Wilson at: 720.423.6645 or

To Register:
Talk to your Counselor or call Dan DePinto, CEC counselor at 720-423-6681 to enroll.