Construction-web versionCourse Title:
Construction Technology I, II, III, IV

Course Numbers:
Fall #8385-12 9th Grade Career Exploration
Fall #8385-13 9th Grade Career Exploration
Fall #8516-11 Career Class
Spring #8352-21 9th Grade Career Exploration
Spring #8385-22 9th Grade Career Exploration
Spring #8516-23 Career Class

Course Curriculum:
Career Connections Project Book 1, CITF-UBCJA, 2010
Career Connections Project Book 2, CITF-UBCJA, 2010
Career Connections Project Book 3, CITF-UBCJA, 2010

Course Description:
This course explores the expanding array of careers within the construction industry. Students will be exposed to the construction industry through job site tours, hands-on experience, and classroom activities. Math and science application will be established through the academic integration of jobsite technical skills and classroom theory.

More specifically, students will learn and practice job site safety; read and interpret text and drawings in order to construct projects; learn to operate and maintain tools, both hand and power; and learn the components of building systems and how they function.

More advance students in semesters II, III, IV will have the opportunity to explore and specialize in specific areas of the industry including: electrical, plumbing, roofing, concrete forming, framing, interior systems, etc.

What does Construction Technology offer?

  • Construction Technology at CEC offers the student the chance to become proficient at safely using a variety of hand tools as well as power tools employed throughout the industry.
  • Students get a taste of how it is to work in a construction setting with other workers solving actual construction problems.

Benefits of the Construction Technology class at C E C:

  • The successful completer of the program will have the skills and knowledge to enter any registered apprenticeship program, some at an advanced entry level.
  • Knowledge of the trades is a good foundation for anyone aspiring to become an engineer, architect, construction manager, or contractor.
  • With the knowledge and skills gained in the class, you can work on your own house or building projects.

Possible career choices in Construction Technology include:
Any of the Building Trades, e.g.,

  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician
  • Roofer
  • Building Manager
  • Owner’s Representative
  • Construction Manager
  • Architect
  • Engineer

Dan Ridgeway“Learning how the physical world works is an important side of human development that is all too often ignored in today’s cyber world. Purposeful activity with the hands helps develop a well-rounded young person, mentally and physically.”

—Mr. Ridgeway

Course Credits:
Credits Per Semester: 15 Elective
9th grade Career Exploration: 7.5 hrs. elective credit

Concurrent Enrollment:

Course Certifications Available:
Career Connections Certificates Levels I, II, and III
(Sponsored by the Carpenters International Training Fund)

For additional Information:
Contact Mr. Ridgeway at: 720.423-6638 or

To Register:
Talk to your Counselor or call Dan DePinto, CEC counselor at 720-423-6681 to enroll.