preschool 3We consider you an essential part of your child’s success and believe that close cooperation is necessary to best meet the needs of your child. We expect you to participate in at least five activities each year. These will include a home visit, enrollment conference, and at least one parent conference. We also invite you to come eat a meal with us, read books, cook a snack or join us on a field trip. Parent activities will also be held each month. These may include a guest speaker, a craft night, or a family tea. And of course, you are welcome in the center to play or observe any time!

Our best referral is word of mouth as parents share their experiences with others. We have also enrolled multiple siblings and cousins from the same family. We have even had children of past preschoolers! Here is what some of the parents have had to say about our program:

“We feel so lucky to have found the CEC! The teachers are committed to nurturing each child individually, creating a supportive learning environment where they can blossom and become their best selves. Thank you CEC for helping build a social, emotional, and academic foundation for our son.” Tara Melinkovich

“Our daughter has spent two happy and wonderful years at CEC Preschool. The staff provides a very loving, nurturing and safe environment for her while developing her social skills and confidence and preparing her for Kindergarten. Our daughter has learned so much while at CEC! We are so grateful for Ms. Kim, Ms. Gina, and Ms. Lindsay!” Dino and Tisha Reyes

“This is an amazing preschool. Small class, with good teacher ratio, and
amazing teachers. My daughter is so happy here…it makes me feel great!”
Kim Goscha