CEC Early Learning Academy


preschool 11Not only does CEC house a high school, but within the school walls is a four-star (as rated by Qualistar Early Learning) preschool program that is open to the community. Preschoolers ages 3-5 are eligible to enroll on a space available basis. The preschool offers a dual learning environment at CEC. While the children take part in their lessons, the high school teaching careers class has the opportunity to observe and interact with the class in a student-teaching capacity.


We believe that play is the primary vehicle for and the best indicator of a child’s growth and development. Activities are designed to meet children’s individual needs and naturally developing interests. Our activities are developmentally appropriate and incorporate the Building Blocks to Colorado’s State Standards of learning. We encourage children to question, explore, imagine and problem solve each day. These skills build the foundation for future academic success. Our primary goal is to help children foster a love of learning.

Quality Rating

Qualistar Early Learning is a statewide non-profit organization working with child care providers, parents and communities to improve the quality of early childhood education across Colorado.

In January 2012, we achieved a Qualistar Rating of FOUR stars—the highest rating possible!

For more information on Qualistar, please visit their website at: www.qualistar.org

preschool 1Prior to this achievement, we were a Nationally Accredited Preschool Program for 10 years. This came from the National Association for the Education of Young Children. For more information on Accreditation please visit NAEYC’s website at NAEYC.org

To receive these ratings and accreditation, centers must meet standards higher than those established by state licensing. These higher requirements help to ensure programs are providing a quality setting for children and families. For more information about licensing, please visit the state website at: www.cdhs.state.co.us/childcare/

Field Trips and Special Activities

We try to take a field trip each month. (There is sometimes an extra charge for these trips.) Our first trip of the year is usually a walking trip to the fire station on Federal Blvd. and 26th. We also like to take the bus to Sloan’s Lake for a picnic and the opportunity to practice an emergency exit from the rear of the bus!

In the past we have also taken trips to the Children’s Museum, Heritage Square Children’s Theater, Karl’s Dairy, The Urban Farm, the Tiny Tots Music Concert, the Butterfly Pavillion and the Puppet Theater.

In addition to field trips, we like to bring guest presenters into the classroom whenever possible. We have had visitors from the Butterfly Pavilion bring things in for us to see up close.

We also have Beth Epely, The Story Lady, come and play with us each month. She sings, dances and tells great stories. The children lover her! For more information about her performances, visit her website at: www.bethepely.com

We do fundraising to be able to offer these additional activities. Each year we sell E-books ($10 each and our program receives $6). We also help with Bronco parking during football season. We sell parking spaces for $10 for every home game so if you are going, park here and help support one of the many programs offered at the CEC!