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At CEC you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn career skills and gain industry certifications
  • Participate in challenging academic programs
  • Take high school and college courses simultaneously
  • Earn college credit at no cost
  • Gain real world experience

CEC graduates are prepared to:

    • Successfully transition to post-secondary education
    • Take on entry-level jobs in their area of career specialization
    • Enter college and/or career with confidence
    • Make good decisions, problem solve and accept responsibility
    • Meet the demands of our rapidly changing world

At CEC you will do something real!

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Apply Now!

Click the button below to go to our online application. Deadline for 2015-2016 school year is January 30th.

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Meet Our Staff

With years of teaching and industry experience our academic and career teachers prepare CEC students for success.

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Arrange a Tour of CEC

Want to make sure CEC is the right fit for you? Arrange a tour to visit our academic classes and career programs.

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CEC Values & Beliefs

        • Students learn best with a variety of methods, including multiple avenues to “experience” the learning.
        • Students learn best with content connects to future goals
        • Students learn best when their voices are valued in the classroom
        • Students realize success involves striving through mistakes, which are the “portals of discovery.” (James Joyce)
        • Students will receive academic support, leading to independence and interdependence
        • Students learn best when they are in a safe and caring environment
        • Students learn best with consistent, high expectations.
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Latest CEC News & Info

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