[toggle title=”How much does it cost to attend the CEC Middle College of Denver?”]CEC Middle College is a magnet high school of DPS and is FREE to attend.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What is a Magnet High School?”]A magnet high school draws students from across normal school boundaries and offers specialized curriculum that is not typically available at traditional high schools. At CEC Middle College of Denver, we offer a program specializing in Career and Technical Education (CTE), paired with the Middle College model.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What is Career and Technical Education (CTE)?”]Often referred to as Vocational Education, Career and Technical Education has expanded over the years to meet the growing needs of our global economy. CTE has gone beyond offering solely trade careers. Students now have the opportunity to explore a variety of additional occupations including medicine, law, architecture, teaching careers and more. CTE courses are designed to ready students for a range of post-secondary options from industry certifications, to Associate and Bachelor degrees to direct career entry. [/toggle] [toggle title=”What is a Middle College?”]Middle College High Schools are secondary schools, authorized to grant diplomas in their own name, located on, or jointly using the facilities of, college campuses across the nation. The Middle Colleges are small, with usually 100 or fewer students per grade level and they provide a rigorous academic curriculum within a supportive and nurturing environment to a student population that has been historically under-served and underrepresented in colleges. While at the Middle College, students have the opportunity to take some college classes at no cost to themselves. (reference: Middle College National Consortium. For more information, visit: http://www.mcnc.us/about/faq/[/toggle] [toggle title=”What makes CEC unique?”]CEC has programs available to meet the needs of all students. There are two options for attending CEC—

Full-time: Students who attend CEC full-time, take part in a rigorous, college preparatory academic program, as well as exploring the Career and Technical Education (CTC) options. As students progress from learning basic career-related skills to participating in practicums, internships and industry certifications, they become prepared to further their career studies through post-secondary options. At the same time, these students participate in concurrent enrollment between CEC and the Community College of Denver to earn credits applicable to both high school and college requirements.

Shared Population: Students who are members of CEC’s shared population spend half of their school day at their home high school, and the other half of the day, exploring a career at CEC. There are 22 career programs to choose from, all offering high school credit and some including concurrent college credit. Students must be in their junior year to attend CEC as a shared population student.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How many college credits can I earn at CEC?”]Students can begin earning college credits as early as their freshman year, through the career courses at CEC. As a student reaches his/her junior year and beyond, students spend half of their day at the Community College of Denver earning high school and college credits through concurrent enrollment. Students can earn up to 30+ credits, however the average is 8-12.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Is there a fee for the college credits?”]Students can earn college credits free of charge through the CEC Middle College program as long as they earn a passing grade. Should a student fail a college course, he or she will be required to reimburse CEC and DPS for tuition costs. The typical cost for a college course is $340 (3 credits). Students will be required to pick up the cost of renting their course textbooks for a minimal fee of $35/class.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Which colleges accept the post-secondary credits I earn through CEC?”]All college credits students earn through concurrent enrollment between CEC and CCD will transfer within the Colorado Community College system. Most credits will also transfer within four-year colleges within Colorado. Additionally, the majority of credits will also transfer to out-of-state four-year colleges, however they will be reviewed and accepted at the discretion of the individual school. [/toggle] [toggle title=”What are the transportation options to attend CEC as a full-time student?”]Since the district does not operate any yellow school busses at the high school level, students who live outside of the 3.5-mile CEC walk zone will receive a free RTD bus pass to attend CEC. Full-time students who qualify to take CCD classes junior or senior year will receive an RTD bus pass for the semester.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”What are the transportation options for part-time students?”]CEC shuttle busses do run from the home high schools to CEC to bring students to attend part-time career courses. Please see the bus schedule listed under the Student and Parent Resources link.[/toggle] [toggle title=”My child is a full-time student at CEC. Can he/she ride the part-time student shuttles from one of the high schools?”]Yes. On a space available basis, full-time students are allowed to ride the shuttles to CEC in the morning and again at the end of the school day. The following schools have shuttles available: JFK, Lincoln, MLK, Montbello, and West. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Does CEC offer any sports?”]No. CEC does not have any sports teams, however all full-time CEC students have the opportunity to play for a DPS high school. Students can choose between playing for North High School teams or the student’s home school based on their address. (Example: A student who lives with the boundaries of Lincoln High School, has the option to play for Lincoln or North HS, but no other school.)[/toggle] [toggle title=”Can I enter the CEC Middle College Program as a sophomore, junior or senior?”]Yes, on a space-available basis. However, if a student would like to transfer, he or she must be on track to graduate and not deficient in any academic areas due to the nature of CEC’s concurrent enrollment with the Community College of Denver.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How do I apply?”]Our application process has recently changed. Going into effect for the 2013-2014 school year, the following is the CEC enrollment process:

Step 1—Submit a DPS SchoolChoice form, ranking CEC Middle College as one of your top 5 choices.

  • SchoolChoice forms are due on January 31, 2013 and may be turned-in at any DPS school (we highly recommend submitting the form to your most preferred school).
  • The following information is used to prioritize applicants who rank CEC Middle College as one of their top 5 preferred schools on the DPS SchoolChoice form:
    • Students who reside in the Beach Court, Centennial, Columbian, Edison, Brown, Colfax, Cheltenham, Fairview, Eagleton, Greenlee, or Fairmont Elementary school boundary and have a sibling currently attending CEC who will also be at the school next year.
    • Students who reside in the Beach Court, Centennial, Columbian, Edison, Brown, Colfax, Cheltenham, Fairview, Eagleton, Greenlee or Fairmont Elementary school boundary
      • Note: Students in the top two priority groups (NW Denver residents) will not exceed 60% of overall enrollment)
    • Denver residents who have a sibling currently attending CEC who will also be at the school next year
    • Children of full-time staff at the school
    • Denver residents
    • Non-Denver residents who have a sibling currently attending CEC who will also be at the school next year
    • Non-Denver residents
  • You will be notified of your student’s school assignment during the first week of March 2013.
  • If your student is assigned to CEC Middle College, please complete step 2

Step 2—Complete the CEC Middle College enrollment requirements

  • Attend orientation night in March
  • Submit 3 teacher recommendation letters, along with CEC parent contact information sheet (Due by Spring Break, March 22)
  • Attend interview with CEC staff (to-be-scheduled in April 2013)

**Please note CEC does not offer an ELA program

Students who do not complete both Steps 1 and 2 may not attend CEC Middle College in the Fall of 2013 as a full-time student