The Career Education Center (CEC) Early College offers shared population students (those who attend different home high school) an opportunity to participate alongside Early College students in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. The CTE program is open to any high school student in the Denver area. Students are enrolled in and attend their home high schools for half of the day taking academic courses, and travel to CEC for the other half to take a specific career course. Students can choose from 22 different careers, most of which are offered in both the morning and afternoon sessions (some career classes are only offered one session a day—click on the class links for specifics). Career courses offer a combination of elective, academic credits and concurrent college credits that count toward the graduation requirements at the students’ home school.

Attending career classes at the CEC Early College offers a number of great benefits to all students who take advantage of this unique program. Data at both the National and State levels show that students involved in CTE programs are more likely to graduate, continue their education and take fewer remedial courses in post secondary/college classes. The career course offerings provide practical, hands-on experience, and give students an advanced look at possible professional options to pursue at both the high school level and in post secondary education. By taking an advanced look at a career, a student can not only gain job skills and participate in relevant real world career activities, but has an opportunity to discover both a passion and their talents. Students who successfully complete their career program (which may encompass several semesters) may have the opportunity to earn industry certifications, post secondary credits for a certificate or degree and/or participate in an internship, making them immediately employable in entry-level positions. Those who choose to go on to post secondary education, find they spend less time and money switching between majors to find just the right fit. CTE classes will help students develop and plan their future options. The career courses offer a challenging learning environment, teach problem solving skills and provide the “why?” for learning—all of which are vital in today’s competitive job market.

CTE Distinguished Student

The Career and Technology programs at CEC have long felt that students should receive recognition at graduation for achieving a level of mastery in the specific programs .  Several years ago work was completed that identified the specific tasks that indicated this mastery level for the various programs.  This has become known as the distinguished CTE student endorsement and is signified by a blue cord worn at a students high school graduation.  Every CTE program at CEC has a distinctly different set of tasks for students to earn their cord.  Each program endorsement begins with completion of the entire curriculum and adds internships, certificates and various other experiences to the list.  This cord is unique to students of the CEC Middle College; no other Career and Technology center recognizes their student’s efforts and achievements in this way.

CTE Distinguished Student Requirements

Enrollment Process

Students who are interested in enrolling in the part-time career program at CEC can visit their home high school counselor for an application or contact Dan DePinto at the CEC Counseling Office—720.423.6681. Courses are open until filled and do not have prerequisites for attendance. As sections fill up, there will be a waiting list should spaces open in a particular course. Students are encouraged to visit the school prior to enrolling. Tours can be arranged by calling 720.423.6600. There is no fee to enroll at the CEC.

Transportation to the CEC

For students attending Denver Public High Schools, shuttle busses are available to and from CEC to the home high schools. Many students also use RTD.