Where Will Your Life Take You?

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Located in the back corner of the Teaching Career class room, you notice a giant black poster collage. They (the teaching career class) have titled it “Where Will YOUR Life Take YOU?” You’re responsible for your life, unless you let someone have power over you. Listed with this blog are some of the thoughts that morning Teaching Career students had, when they were asked to interpret the poster.


The poster is covered with pictures representing life; living a healthy lifestyle, reaching your dreams, and being proactive. Alongside these pictures are other pictures that represent living a negative lifestyle; like, drugs, alcohol, and teen pregnancy. The choice is ultimately yours; if you choose to go down a positive path, once you set your mind to it, you work hard and never give up, at the end of the path; there will be a reward for you. If on the other hand you choose to go down the wrong path, life will be more challenging.


Therefore the choice is on you, you must work hard to be successful in life, to accomplish your goals and achieve anything you want. You must work hard, you must have the drive to push forward through hard times and not let it bring you down, and keep you from your dreams.  If you could lose sight of what you want you could be stuck in a dead end job and/or position in life.


Daily Reminder:

Anything worth having requires dedication and hard work.

Your life, your choice, your responsibility.

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