Using Community as Classroom–CEC’s Executive Internship Program

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What is the Executive lnternship Program?

The DPS Executive Internship Program is housed at the CEC Middle College of Denver. It is designed to provide students with a unique opportunity to participate in experiential education so they will be better prepared to meet the challenges of the work environment they will face in the future. Students, as interns, obtain a realistic view of the adult business world, and learn to recognize and emulate the personal characteristics essential to professional success. Students generally complete the internships for 5-10 hours of credit (approx., 5-10 hour work week), however the program is designed to allow students the flexibility of earning from 5 to 15 semester hours.

Who participates in the program?

We recruit top-notch students from all DPS high schools (and some out-of-district), who have a variety of career goals and interests. They are then matched with local businesses, to gain practical hands-on experience in the area of their choice.

Many companies in the metro area sponsor student interns, Internships span a wide variety of career fields – Accounting, Architecture, Automotive, Criminal Justice, Construction, Culinary, Education, Performing Arts, Premedical, Welding, and many more.

How does the program work?

Interns are selected twice a year-fall and spring semester. To be selected for the internship, students must be in their senior year. Each student completes an application, and is followed by a school interview. Once accepted, the student submits a resume to the Internship Coordinator, who makes the initial contact with a business dealing in the student’s interest area. After contact is made, the student will interview with the business organization. If accepted, the student, the school and the business sign an agreement of terms and the internship begins. Students participate in the program for a full semester, during which time the intern is required to not only report to their worksite, but also complete assigned work from their CEC instructor and attend various business skills seminars.

What is expected of the sponsor?

Business sponsors should be prepared to provide and supervise an internship experience, which is broadly educational in scope and supportive of the program objectives. Students should have the opportunity to participate in a variety of professional activities and projects while interacting with office staff to increase awareness of business and interpersonal skills. Internship sponsors are responsible for signing off on student time sheets and assisting the program coordinator in the evaluation process. The fall semester internship runs from September through mid-December and the spring semester internship runs from mid-January through mid-May.

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