Upcoming Events at CEC & A Note from Mr. Springer

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Saturday, September 6—Makeup date for parent empowerment event with Patsy Roybal (9-11am)

Sunday, September 7—Denver Broncos parking at CEC for Indianapolis game (6:30pm)

Sunday, September 14—Denver Broncos parking at CEC for Kansas City game (2:25pm)

Thursday, September 18—Family Arts Night and Honor Roll Celebration

Week of September 22—Grade 10 ACT Plan Test

Week of September 22—Grade 11 Pre-ACT Test

Week of September 29—Spirit Week

Friday, October 3—National Honors Society Fall Dance


Hello CEC Students:

Thursday was an intense and scary day for everyone at CEC Middle College. You guys did a tremendous job getting out of sight, remaining quiet, and keeping calm. Our primary job, in addition to providing you a top notch education, is to keep you safe.

Several students expressed frustration that they didn’t know what was going on. In an emergency situation such as the one that occurred yesterday, the Denver Police Department and DPS Safety and Security respond and take lead of the investigation. During their response to the situation they needed to make sure the building was safe and that there was no immediate threat. This is the first priority, and law enforcement needed to make sure they had all the information needed to make sure the building was safe. That said, I realize that the limited information that was communicated during this incident was frustrating.

In addition, there was some confusion when police officers were knocking on doors trying to get teachers to open up. All CEC staff will be meeting with DPS Safety and Security Tuesday to get a common message for this procedure.

I understand many of you were afraid since so many officers were on scene. This is protocol from police and this response is critical to make sure we are all safe.

If you still have concerns, or wish to speak to an adult, please reach out to any administrator, counselor, or teacher at CEC and we’ll get you in touch with someone to help you out.

Mr. Springer

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