Turning Current Events Into Learning Moments

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IMG_4061 IMG_4058 Thanks to CEC Crime and Forensics teacher Stacey Hervey’s use of current events in her career class, students were able to turn last week’s events surrounding the Ferguson case, into a learning experience. Hervey’s students had a chance to gather the facts about the trial, present and discuss them with their classmates and come to their own educated conclusions about the incident, its outcome, and issues of social justice.

Student Miriam Molina had this to say about the exercise, “Instead of walking out, my Forensics class decided to do something out of the ordinary.  We wanted to separate fact from fiction and spent the week reading and analyzing documents that were presented to the Grand Jury regarding the Ferguson case.  We used what we learned in forensics to gather enough evidence to present to our school community.  We wanted people to understand that there are always two sides to the issue and that it is important to really understand the issue before taking a side.  There were also many things that the media was saying that were not supported by the evidence.  Although are class was still divided at the end, we knew that we understood the case much better.”

IMG_4063Hervey’s class was featured on both Fox 30 and Channel 7 for their efforts in learning about this important case


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