The Perks of Being a CEC Student

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Last year, the Denver Public Schools received a $7 million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to Free lunch-DH 2increase the efforts of Career and Technical Education (CTE) within the district. CTE programs offer students the opportunity to combine academic knowledge with career exposure so that they are better prepared to direct their professional futures and follow their dreams.

One element of this initiative is for students to participate in job shadows, where they are afforded the opportunity to go to a particular place of work and explore a career for a day. Over the course of the year hundreds of students will experience the careers of medicine, engineering, advanced manufacturing and more.

The CEC Middle College of Denver is fortunate to be the DPS forerunner in the Career and Technical Education initiative, as the school offers 21 courses dedicated to these career programs. And recently, a group of CEC students went on their first job shadow. Below are the observations of one student who had the occasion to experience the medical field first-hand.

The Perks of Being a CEC Student

By Dulce Bueno

Free Lunch-DH 3Ever since deciding to attend the CEC Middle College of Denver, it has offered nothing less than great opportunities. I decided to go into the medical field at the age of three, and that is one of the main reasons I am attending this school. From getting college credit, to being in such a mature environment where everyone wants to succeed, to actually taking classes at a college campus, the opportunities are endless at CEC. The Denver Health job shadowing I went on recently was only one of them. Over the summer I was selected to go to the Summer Health Careers Institute, which is a part of AHEC that allows students interested in the medical field to explore their opportunities. Things like these are what help students succeed, whether you know what you want to be, or you don’t, you open your horizons.

When we went to Denver Health we listened to respirations on a mannequin, dissected a sheep’s heart and eye, learned some basic respiration aid and talked to a pediatric radiologist. The best part had to be when we had a panel of all the doctors, medics and nurses. Being able to ask our own questions and getting answers from actual people that do this every day of their lives is something that not many people have a chance to do. It’s absolutely amazing how so many people are willing to take time out of their very busy schedules to talk to students. CEC Middle College of Denver is not only a high school, it’s a chance to thrive and succeed.Free Lunch-DH 4

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