Teaching Careers Students Create Public Service Announcements

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Jessica Garcia

Our assignment for Teacher Careers was to create a public service announcement (PSA) on a topic that affected children, parents and/or society. There was a wide array of topics to choose from including obesity, homophobia, divorce, abuse, self-concept, gender issues and even animals used in entertainment. Everyone had to create a short video clip ranging from two to five minutes. The video had to include images, facts, and possibly music. The PSA was supposed to tell a visual story and spread awareness. In addition to spreading awareness about each topic, students needed to give the audience ways to change or learn more about what they were presenting. Students were able to choose a topic they were passionate about. Each student researched their topic, brought their most important points together, and presented their PSA.

Created by Sonja Carling

Created by Cynthia Pineda

Created by Jasmine Ha

Created by Brenda Gutierrez

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