Sierra Fisher—Prepared for the Real World—CTE Contest Winner

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At CEC, our motto is Do Something Real, and each day students live this through attending Career and Technical Education (CTE) or for short “career” classes. These courses give them the opportunity to experience working in the real world by gaining the skills they need in the professions that interest them.

February was CTE Month and CEC Middle College of Denver, celebrated by encouraging students to write about what makes their CTE education “real” to them. We had handfuls of great essays, but in the end, we chose five winners and one runner-up.

Over the next two weeks, we will share with you the essays we felt most closely captured the essence of what we do at CEC.

Meet another essay winner, Sierra Fisher, who is a student in the Digital Film Production class.

Prepared for the Real World

The mission of CEC is to give students real world experience in order to prepare them for the workforce of tomorrow. There are many different career programs that the students take, including culinary, fashion and film. Students such as myself benefit by taking these classes and learning the importance of different career skills and values. By doing the Career and Technical Education program at CEC, I know that I will be prepared for the real world and have an edge that others will not.

Students at CEC get to do something real every day through the Career and Technical Education program. In the time that I have been a student at CEC, I have taken Fashion, Teaching, Introduction to Medical Careers, Welding and digital Film. This is a unique experience, and most people do not experience this variety of knowledge and skills through their entire lives, if at all. I have learned how to sew, earned my certificate of infant care, learned to Oxy-Acetylene weld, and received my CPR certification, all in the span of two short years. Knowing the skills in these fields means that I would be a prime candidate for a job because I come into the field with specific skills associated with that field. I do something real every day in digital film class when I go out to act, or shoot, or edit. Obviously, this credo is not being neglected when a student can say that they spend their day honing their professional skills.

The students at CEC get many benefits from these career classes, including preparation for the workforce When I grow up, I want to become a college professor. Someone might come up to me and say, “So how is taking digital film class going to help you in the future? How are you expecting to benefit from this if you want to do something completely unrelated?” Well, to those naysayers, I would respond that they are related. College professors tend to continue research within their field, and if I ever make a discovery, I would want to share something that I find interesting to others in a way that they would also find interesting. Knowing digital film equipment would help me to spread any findings that I might make in the future. I could also require my students produce films for a final. Knowing the different film equipment, computer programs, and film vocabulary will also give me an edge when I join the workforce. Employers like to hire people who can advertise through film for them so that they won’t have to hire a specialist to do it later. In this way, I would be able to head projects tand build both my resume and my connections. No matter how you look at it, I know that I will benefit from the film classes, not to mention the extra confidence and better attitude.

Career education is very important, and a step that CEC students face when becoming prepared for that real world. For me, that journey meant taking digital film production classes, and learning how to direct act, edit, and be part of any of the possible jobs in the film and movie industry. However, for other CEC students, it may be more focused on the other programs that CEC offers. One of the major things that I notice in my school is the level of maturity. Students value the opportunity to have these special classes and the fact that these are a privilege and not a right. Career Education helps to give student’s guidance, connections, respect, confidence, and a better attitude. Overall, career education is a very important thing because it builds character.

Nobody knows better than a CEC student how much the career and technical education program gives you the experience needed to go into the real world prepared. You gain technical education, as the name suggests, and learn skills that you might have never considered before.  However, you also gain the knowledge of how to act and gain confidence because of all the experiences that you have gained. All of the wonderful people who teach you are professionals in their field, and so you know you are getting all the skills you need. Students know that they are being sent off into the real world with positive experiences behind them.


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