Security at CEC—By Alex Loya Student Reporter

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From staff to students, CEC is a place where everyone can feel safe and well cared for. Everyday students walk in through the doors at CEC with an ID and lanyard to show that they are CEC students. Karla Salazar a senior at CEC says, “At first I thought that showing our ID’s was pointless but now, with everything going on in the world, I can see why they do it.”  The protection of my peers and teachers is a priority at our school and we practice emergency scenarios in and outside of class. Every teacher on our campus is trained to respond immediately and accordingly to bring themselves and students to safety. To enforce safety, CEC has had numerous assemblies in which students become knowledgeable on how to respond if there were to be an emergency. For example, students at CEC are not allowed to open the doors for anyone who is trying to come in.
A safe environment is vital to education, when students feel safe in their classes they’re more likely to concentrate, communicate and cooperate. In a recent interview with Mr. Bell, Assistant Principal, he said,  “we’ve established a multi tier structure here for security that includes every individual in this building. Every adult has responsibility for security here and that is the first tier.” With everyone being aware of CEC’s security policy we are creating a safer community for everyone including the children who attend CEC’s pre-school.

Mr. Bell said “The second tier of security has designated security personnel, a full-time  security guard and someone who oversees that security as well as a camera system. All the doors are locked with the exception of one in which a security guard controls access. Teachers have protocols and processes in place for drills. We use the drills to practice the protocols and we are always making room for improvement”.  Whenever a student has lost something or believe he or she has been robbed, teachers are notified and cameras are used as evidence. With so much going on in and around the school, students and adults can feel safe not only for themselves but also their belongings. As a senior here at CEC I can honestly say that I have never felt like my life was in danger. CEC prides itself in its students, and in the four years I have been here I have never seen any instances of stealing or been in a hectic situation, such as a fight.

“The third tier of security begins to include myself, (Mr. Bell), Mr. Springer (Principal) and Ms. Kenny (Assistant Principal) in some of the big picture discussions and planning. We look at how we can be futuristic, how we can adjust our security, threats we may face because they have obviously changed from 20 years ago when some of these procedures were established.”

These three tiers of security ensure students’ safety and with that their learning environment becomes more enjoyable. CEC is a place where everyone can feel safe and well cared for.

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