Saying Goodbye and Good Luck to Mrs. J

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Over the summer, one of our most beloved and long-time teachers, Mrs. Johnston accepted a new job position within the Denver Public Schools. She will no longer be teaching the Fitness Trainer at course CEC. Fortunately for us, we will still see her regularly, but in a different capacity than we are used to. But true to Mrs. J’s classy style, she didn’t want to leave without first saying goodbye. See her letter below.

August 2014

Dear Precious Students,

I’d rather be saying this to you in person, but I can’t.

In the middle of June an opportunity came up that I had to explore and after I interviewed for the position, to my surprise, I got it! You see, as old as I am, I still want to grow too and doing this new work is exciting for me; it will make me grow.

Some of you know that last year I was teaching in the classroom only halftime and doing other things for the school the other half of the day. This new position is an extension of that work and will allow me to be at CEC a lot, but I won’t be teaching anymore. I will be a CTE Peer Observer for DPS. What that means is that I will be helping teachers to improve their practice and ultimately help you all even more. You see, you taught me a lot and I learned from you that the most important work we as teachers can do, is to love you by stretching you and your learning by continually getting better ourselves. I want to do that if I can.

Do you know how much I will miss you? What an amazing privilege it has been to be your Exercise and Health Science teacher and to get know you, each of you! When you came to love working out and answered that inevitable question: “What’s the answer to everything? ______________________!”, my heart soared. My hope is that you keep that passion for exercise and that it becomes a foundational element for everything else you do in life.

But I haven’t left you without resources. Heather Carlton is waiting to meet you in room 102. You will be amazed at her knowledge and her desire to share it with you. She and I know each other well and have spent time this summer making this change as smooth as possible. My head is swimming with all of the new ideas and plans she is bringing!

Greet her warmly with a business handshake and open yourselves to your young new teacher.

I’ll keep in touch.

Mrs. Johnston

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