Reflections on the DPS Martin Luther King Symposium

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Gretta pics 121CEC Sophomores Attend the MLK Symposium

By Ahmed Twaige

On January 16, 2015, the sophomore class went to Manual High School along with 5 other DPS high schools for the MLK Symposium presented by Denver Public Schools and the YMCA of Denver.  During the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Symposium, we learned many things about Dr. King.  One thing we learned about is how he would only make peaceful protests. We also learned that Dr. King got a lot of harassing phone calls, some from the United States government, but this did not stop him from promoting equality. When the main musical presentation was done, students were allowed to choose a breakout session to attend.  I went into the cafeteria for the session called “The Giant Triplets of Racism, Materialism, Militarism,” where we analyzed one of Dr. King’s less famous speeches about the Vietnam War. We had a lot of fun contemplating the significance of his speech.Gretta pics 120
I thought that this field trip was very fun and educational. I learned new things about Dr. King and how he did not give up even though the circumstances were life threatening. I also enjoyed hearing many other student’s point of view on why prejudice still exists today. Overall, the field trip was very fun and educational, and I would love to do it again.
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