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How often do students spend hours studying in school only to come home and ponder what, exactly, the lesson had to do with real life?

At CEC, that simply isn’t the case. The goal of this magnet school is to help navigate the world of work in each and every Career and Technical Education (CTE) course. Students learn the skills they would need if they were to pursue their chosen path of work beyond their particular career class. For example, in this very moment at CEC, students in the Fashion Design class are preparing for a local fashion show, the students in the automotive shop are learning to perform a variety of services on cars of all types and will soon begin taking in repairs from community members as part of their educational experience. The culinary arts class is learning both kitchen and front-of-the-house skills so that when the Eliot Street Café opens next week, they will serve lunch to the public four days a week. Each student is learning vital career skills as well as the “soft skills” such as punctuality, strong work ethic, communication and a positive attitude.

This year, Mr. Santo Alvarez, the business instructor at CEC has jumped on some new opportunities to help his students learn the ins and outs of marketing, including: analysis, discerning target audience, planning and executing a marketing strategy and getting the message to their intended constituents. The students are working in conjunction with teachers, clubs and the Communications Director to market and promote CEC projects and events that include both the student body and community. Together they have built a mini marketing company and spend their class time not only studying the theory behind what they are doing, but they can put their learning into action and gain real life experience. Thanks to Mr. Alvarez’s guidance and direction the CEC business students are Doing Something Real.

“We are all a part of the CEC Marketing Specialists team and as a team we create and execute a variety of marketing strategies for clubs and different events happening at CEC. Current strategies we are involved in range from creating posters, running weekly announcements, and getting the word out through social media. In the process, we utilize our leadership and speaking skills, while also getting the real world experience in marketing and promotions. Our instructor Mr. Alvarez provides a fun yet professional atmosphere where we are able to use our creativity and choose what strategies we deem are best to reach the goal.” 
—CEC Business Students

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