Programs for Student Success—by Alex Loya Student Reporter

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Here at CEC students are prepared and built for success. So I went on a fieldtrip to get the complete insight from one of CEC’s very own, Ms. Jan Tester, the teacher in charge of helping students in their future and present endeavors through Saturday school.

Saturday school is for students who need to do assignments, make-up assignments, or for kids who are on plan of improvement. Some are even on probation, but others just want to have a nice place to study and stay on top of their work.

Saturday school started about three years ago due to requests from teachers. There used to be a program called consequence hall, but it got to be so big to the point where it was uncontrollable and unmanageable so the teachers asked for something different, and Saturday school was created.

CEC has a wonderful reputation and the success of our students is up to each individual. With the help of Saturday school, everyone has the opportunity to excel. Saturday school students are allowed to not only come in on Saturdays but also during the week for Guided Study Hall, where students meet with their teachers after school till about 3:10 and then they see Ms. Tester until 4 pm every day of the week except for Tuesdays.

Although, kids who have been assigned to Saturday school at the beginning of the school year come once or twice and after that they learn their lesson, about 90% of the students become more responsible by the end of the year and the other 10% are most likely to be in credit recovery.

Not only is Saturday school beneficial to the students but it is also helps the teachers run their classes more smoothly when all of the students are on the same page.

Sometimes things can get very hectic and the stress builds on students. To prevent students from falling behind, CEC allows students in any grade to attend Saturday school and it’s treated like a normal school day, except, instead of classes, it’s a study session with tutors and teachers willing to help complete assignments that were not completed on the date assigned. Teachers at CEC are aware that sometimes “life happens” and for whatever reason getting every homework assignment done can be a struggle.

The type of help students can benefit from can be from not doing their homework to not fulfilling a quiz or test score to their highest potential. To help enforce students to get their assignments every teacher is given “Pink/Blue Slips” These pink  and blue pieces of paper are for the students to write down any work that needs to be done and the student has the option to choose what day they will complete or re-do the assignment. Of course every action comes with its consequence so if a student does not take advantage of this opportunity and shows no improvement and fails his/her classes they go on to credit recovery along with summer school.

Saturday school for many students is a punishment, but most are glad they have the chance to fix their grade. Eight of out 10 students said “Because of Saturday school I have become more responsible, and I have become better mentally and academically. But most of all I like having the opportunity to fix my grade” When I shared this with Ms. Tester she replied, “I actually think that Saturday school shouldn’t be seen as a punishment but rather an open door for students to come in whenever they’d like to come and work. Unfortunately, it is not like that because the majority, (approximately 3/4) of the students are here because it is mandatory.”

It is evident that the students need a base on which they are able to grow and build success. Every Saturday about 60 kids come through the CEC doors making an effort to fix their grade and better their future and if it weren’t for the amazing and supportive staff here at CEC it would be very difficult for a student to succeed.

Special thanks to Ms. Jan Tester, and all of the CEC Staff!

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