Executive Internship Program Success Stories

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Thirty-two high school seniors completed work-based experiences this spring semester.  They interned in a wide variety of career pathways:  Arts, Business, Culinary, Construction, Health, Marketing, Public Safety, and Teaching.  Read below to see how the experiences impacted the students’ learning:

Noely V.—Planned Pethood Plus

Noely-intern-Planned-Pethood-PlusMy experience at Planned Pethood has been very rewarding to me. I enjoyed every single thing about it. It made me realize that working with animals is something I want to do. I learned so much at the clinic and I met a lot of new people that have the same dreams as I do. I got very helpful advice from the doctors and vet techs and I am very grateful for that. Everything I learned at Planned Pethood is something that I will use later on in my life. Other than learning new skills about how to work with animals,  I also improved on how to work with the people around you and to work as a team. I enjoyed every moment I spent at the clinic. And even though there were really hard days, I always walked out of the clinic with a smile on my face.

Martin N.—Denver Public Schools Videography

Martin-N-DPS-VideographyThis experience has been rewarding because I learned a lot more than just video production. I learned about the perseverance and success some of the students and teachers in DPS have. I did not just learn what I expected to learn about interviewing people, I learned about the potential that kids want to and can live up to and the teachers who are willing to help them.


Nancy M.—Edgewater Police Department

Nancy-M-Edgewater-Police-DepartmentCompleting my internship at Edgewater Police Department makes me sad. I grew close to the court clerks, chief and the officers. They all treated me as part of the family. During the course of the internship, I learned about myself and that I am passionate about criminal justice as a career. I probably don’t see myself as an officer, but a court clerk, a chief’s assistant or something of that nature. I still would like to be a detective.

I learned from others that even if the job doesn’t pay you well, if you love your job do it. Debbie and Kathy were great teachers. The officers have been great friends. The chief was a great support, and the judge, a great mentor.

Quynh Nguyen—St. Anthony’s Hospital

My experience was rewarding because I learned a lot more about what I want to do with my future and more importantly who I truly am. I learned that having a job and keeping it is harder than just getting a good grade and graduating from high school or college. It takes more responsibilities and encouragement which we have to learn after each mistake we make and experience that we have been through. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to experience this awesome chance to be an intern at St. Anthony Hospital, to have the opportunity to actually deal with patients alongside with doctors and nurses. I know that reading and taking class can help with our knowledge but it cannot compare with how we can really experience it, helping people out and giving them a chance to have faith in life.

Lakesha B.—RMA Group

Lakesha-B-RMA-ConstructionI learned many things at my internship and was offered great advice regarding my chosen profession. I was able to see what a Construction/Architecture business looked like and gain a perspective on what goes on in a day to day aspect. I got to see all of the hard work everyone does and it made me appreciate the fact that they accepted me and tried to teach me what they felt I needed to know. One thing I will always remember is Bill telling me that, a good Architect knows a little bit about everything that goes on—construction, electrical, plumbing, and more. I also learned that you can’t take it personal if something in your original drawing is changed,  because it’s inevitable.

Interning was extremely rewarding for me, not only for what I’ve learned there but because I was offered a paid position for the summer. So I’ll be spending my summer working for the RMA Group and hopefully learn plenty more about the Architecture field.

Kelsey Woods—Gust Elementary School

This experience has been an awesome one for me! I am so happy I decided to go to Gust. I got well- needed exposure to the classroom setting, which has gotten me prepared for college! I feel that through this experience I was rewarded with a new sense of motivation to become a teacher, along with new relationships with the staff in the school and with the 5th graders I’ve bonded with.

Daijanae McConnell—University of Colorado Hospital

In this experience I learned as well as earned a great experience. But it also taught me many lessons. It taught me to never give up no matter what people say to me with their words. This helped me gain motivation within myself because I know I can do anything as long I believe. This experience allowed me to go when I choose but in being a young adult I realized I began to make poor choices by not going some days when I should have gone. In not going the days I didn’t go I had to pay and make up for it but this showed me how determined I really am. It showed me how determined I am because coming to the last month I made sure and added my hours so I would be able to pass. As a young adult had some struggles and made some wrong decisions but I stayed with and made sure to get my work done because when you make a commitment it’s only right to accomplish the thing completely that I committed to. So I was awarded a great experience in meeting great people as well as a reality check.

Vanesa Ortiz

What I have learned about myself is that I am surprisingly comfortable being around dead bodies. I have had to deal with moving them around a couple times and it is not as scary as it seems. I have also learned that I am not as lazy as I thought I was, working in a hospital is actually really fun. There is always something to do and time goes by really fast. The people I work with were very nice people and I realized that I have a lot in common with the majority of them. We are into the same sports teams, hobbies and even interested in the same career path. Most of the people I work with are around my age so being around them is always fun.



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