Egg Drop Soup by CEC Physics Teacher, Erin Gray

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Each year CEC’s physics class does an egg drop as part of a unit on safety. This blog was submitted by Ms. Erin Gray to share her students’ success!

JoseandKimsDesignWhy we do an Egg Drop:

The is the performance assessment that culminates our unit on the physics of safety.   The content assesses key areas of the physics curriculum, and the challenge (especially the bonus round dropping the safety compartment and egg from the second floor of the building – which is where your parking spots come in!) creates memorable learning for students.

Some of the physics concepts students learn and apply during this section are:

  • Work and energy, and the idea that stopping the egg over a longer distance allows us to use less force and therefore cause less damage to the egg – so encourage students to think in terms of energy management and crumple zones, not building an indestructible case for the egg.
  • Pressure (force/area) and maximizing contact area to minimize pressure on any one part of the egg.  In class we look at seatbelts and airbags for inspiration.
  • Momentum, and the law of conservation of momentum.  Both the masses and velocities of the objects involved in collisions affect outcomes.
  • The Law of Conservation of Energy allows students to predict the speed of the safety compartment at the time of impact.

Students with winning designs:eggdropamgroupphotoJose Pinedo, Kim Salas (and one of the coolest designs I’ve seen – converting KE to EPE using rubber bands!  Go Physics)Naomi Caro, Andrea Garcia, Estrella S, Antonio VGabe Sanchez (The power of nutella)Alondra Mejia, Diane Cabrera, Maria GandarillaMaria Gonzales, Belinda Hernandez, Cindy Marcos, Yoselin HolguinCindy Pinion, Maria Coria, Giovanni TabuyoMarjorie, Kim, Monica Chairez, AtsaEdith Olivas, Jesus Pozo, Alondra CisnerosLeonel L.R., Enny, Ronaldo M., Diego M, Erik PalaciosJamie Gomez, Iris, Maddie, FrankieSergio, Alexis, Osvaldo, David TranJasmine Ha, Pearl BlueBack, Paola B  (Ask them about “Girl Power” if you dare)Sarah Holle, Dulce Bueno, Alysa BanuelosCinthya S., Jasmine Lozano, Juan Sandoval, Cindynay Diaz

This is a big project and takes much coordination and cooperation within the CEC community. Ms. Gray would like to thank and congratulate:

Thank you to: Beth for finding us space at CEC; Jose and Gloria for all the set-up, materials, and help; Art for lending us a weight when ours broke; Meryl for the last-minute packing tape (who knew students would need three rolls of tape!); Mike Todd for keeping everything running smoothly during the event; Chris Coble for helping students research ideas; Art and Dan Ridgeway for helping students with materials and space to create their safety compartments; Candice who moved her mentoring class; everyone who moved their cars so we could test safety compartments by throwing them into the parking lot; and I’m sure I’ve forgotten many more people – but thanks to everyone who made the event possible!And congratulations to this year’s junior class, who built safety compartments that succeeded in keeping many of their “passengers” alive in front and rear-end collisions.  We had ALL the full-time juniors participate (yay!) and 13 of the 30 submitted designs allowed eggs to survive both the front and rear collisions from 2.6 m (off the ladder) and the fall from the teacher’s lounge in to the parking lot!  Next year, maybe the roof??  🙂

Have a wonderful, restful winter break and thank you all!Kind Regards,Erin Gray

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