Do Something NEW—by Alex Loya Student Reporter

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“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” –Albert Einstein

As I make my way towards graduation and a completely new chapter in my life I have taken the time to evaluate the things that have made me who I am today. In high school I have been able to open my mind to many career options. Throughout my journey I made many mistakes but I always had someone to guide me towards success.
Walking into CEC as a freshman I was convinced that I wanted to be a pediatric nurse. My dreams came to a halt when I took the teaching careers class at CEC. Don’t get me wrong I loved the class and learned a lot of new things but I realized that working with kids or nursing just isn’t for me. I was confused, and I had no idea what career path to choose. As a sophomore my mentor convinced me to leave my comfort zone and take something completely new and different so I took Fire Science and completely fell in love. Others looked at me as if I were crazy because of my gender and size but when it came down to it I became one of the strongest academically and physically. I eventually became an intern at the West Metro Fire Department. Today I am able to identify dangerous situations, educate people about fire hazards and interact with people in any situation. Curiosity led me to one of the greatest adventures of my life and made me anxious to try new things.
When you are trying something new you never know if you’re going to be successful or not, but when you make a mistake you end up learning from it.
Fear can also hold you back from becoming something greater, but taking risks and making mistakes can be a motivational factor for someone to reach their goal, whatever it may be.
When it comes to taking risks, most of us hold back because we fear the unknown but not doing so can be something you regret later on in life. CEC offers a variety of different opportunities and every student is encouraged to take advantage of them.
All it takes is ambition to reach your goals and knowing that even though it won’t be easy, if you don’t at least try, you won’t succeed. Always remember with effort and an open mind to trying new things, you can move forward and become the person you want to be!

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