Creative Careers Day by Kailei Harrison and DJ Wake

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Creative Careers Day is a day that is devoted to helping students explore potential careers in the Arts. Recently, two of our CEC students attended Gretta's Pics 1344a half-day workshop at the Santa Fe Arts District and this is what they had to say about it.

The Creative Careers Day is learning about a wide variety of careers available in the arts and helps students find areas they might be interested in pursuing. By attending this event, I had the opportunity to choose from several careers such as culinary arts, graffiti arts, slam poetry, music, acting, tattoo arts, and to experience them more in-depth.


Gretta's Pics 1339The careers that I explored were culinary arts and acting. For my first session, I got to go to a restaurant called the Urban Grill. It was awesome because I met the head chefs and the owners. We got to do some of the prep work for the lunch shift, which was both interesting and fun. My second session was in the acting department. This was my favorite part of the day, because I got to act in a short play, and found out about opportunities to work at Vision Box theatre in the Santa Fe Arts district.

By Kailei Harrison


On a very cold day, my classmate, teacher and I all went to the, “Creative Careers Day” in the Santa Fe Arts District. We experienced a lot of

Gretta's Pics 1340different of opportunities related to careers in the arts. We even met two artists Ratha Sok (graffiti artist) and Peter Aquino (slam poet). My favorite session was when I went to the KGNU station to learn how to be a DJ and some steps to take to be able to have a career in this field. We even got to sit in the DJ’s booth. It was a really fun and interesting day because I got to meet artists who are doing what they love and I got to have a hands-on experience of what a creative career is.

By DJ Wake


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