CEC’s 2015 Aspen Challenge Team

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How can a small group of students impact their community and bring about positive change? One way is through participating in The Aspen Challenge, a contest created by The Aspen Institute, which was established to “provide a platform and inspiration for young people to design solutions to some of the most critical problems” that we find in society today. This seven-week event allows students to choose one issue (from six options posed by the organization), to pursue, from ideas-on-paper to action within the community. Following their careful planning and execution, this group of students will present to The Aspen Institute judges and be scored on their activities and the solutions they’ve created to address issue selected for their focus.

This year’s CEC Middle College team is made up of eight students who will address online dialogue. The team gave the following reasoning for choosing this challenge:  “We chose to combat this challenge, because we all know somebody who has been cyber-bullied, and we were really intrigued by this issue. We also chose this challenge because before the kick-off (of this year’s program) we already knew that we wanted to incorporate a social media component in our solution. We feel like this challenge is very relevant to our community and we want to make a difference in middle and high schools.”

The CEC team is made up of the following students: Jared Fling (’18), Paloma Martinez-Ramos (’18), Aracely Fuentes (’17), Hugo Burciaga (’17), Alexander Luna-Ochoa (’16), Francisco Terrones (’16), Alejandra Carriollo-Rivero (’15) and Amber Marquez (’15).

The students have seven weeks in which to work to make an impact in their problem area. Their solution will be judged on its feasibility, effectiveness and sustainability.

With a $500 budget, great passion and innovative ideas, watch for this team to make a noticeable impact within CEC and surrounding community over the next month and a half.


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