CEC students are doing something real—by Alex Loya Student Reporter

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Here at CEC our motto is “Do something real”.   In every classroom we make sure that this statement is true. Here at CEC the students take classes in which careers can be born. From singing and recording in audio engineering to getting down and dirty in auto tech, students from all around DPS can explore technical fields here at CEC.

Students learn best with a variety of methods, including multiple avenues to “experience” the learning, and here at CEC the teachers and staff will do anything to ensure that your goal is met.

Here are the classes that CEC offers:

  • Architecture technology                               
  • Athletic training/ sports medicine
  • Audio engineering
  • Automotive technology
  • Business management
  • City wide jazz combo
  • Multimedia graphic design (Adobe Certification)
  • Construction
  • Criminal Justice and Forensics
  • Culinary arts
  • Digital film production
  • Executive Internship
  • Fashion careers
  • Fire Science
  • Exercise and Health Science
  • Intro to medical careers
  • Health science technology/ Med prep
  • Video game programming
  • Welding
  • Teaching careers
  • Law
  • Internship (Seniors only)

***Bold letters, students may receive college credit***

 With the amazing partnership CEC has with Emily Griffith,  students have the opportunity to take a career class on their campus. Not only are students motivated to learn while they are doing something they love but also they experience first-hand what it takes for someone to be in that career.

 In architecture, Ms. FitzWilliam works with her students to design and create buildings of all shapes and sizes.  Students who commit to this class compete with other schools’ designs.  Of course CEC was able to bring home the 1st and 2nd prize.

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