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At the end of each summer, students entering their freshman year at CEC take part in the 9th Grade Academy. The program takes place the week before school begins and gives the students a chance to get acquainted with CEC, get to know each other and gives them the opportunity to hit the ground running when school begins. Following are the impressions of two of CEC’s new students.

Class of 2017’s Ninth Grade Academy

Nate Buntin

Every year at CEC Middle College of Denver, there is the mandatory Ninth Grade Academy. The main purpose of this academy is to explain to the students the regulations and expectations of the school. There was also another purpose:  to help the students meet and befriend their peers. In Ninth Grade Academy each group got their specific schedule on the first day, and they stuck with the same people for the entire time. During that week we learned the layout of the building by having a type of scavenger hunt. We learned the regulations and expectations of CEC, and we learned about the fixed mindset and the open mindset. Most importantly, however, we learned who our peers were and what they were like, so that the strain of making new friends at the beginning of the school year was lifted.

During that week, we also had a group of older CEC students tell us about their experiences and past mistakes. They explained that because of this school, they are proud of who they are today, and of their many accomplishments.

This year’s Ninth Grade Academy was a beneficial experience and resource, which helped us all understand the ways of the school.  It helped me understand that CEC is unlike any other school. Here we have Saturday School, Guided Study Hall, intervention classes, one-on-one tutoring, Credit Recovery, and many other programs to keep us on track. The school isn’t all academic, though.  Ninth Grade Academy taught us about the career classes, and clubs that CEC has to offer, which makes it unique by preparing students for their future careers.

All in all, even though at first, Ninth Grade Academy sounded like a waste of time to many, it actually was fun and very beneficial to the Class of 2017.

We ended the week by running through a symbolic doorway, throwing our bad habits away, and ringing the bell as we yelled out the word that described our goals.

9th Grade Academy

Libier Huizar

My experience in 9th grade academy was good. I met new people and met teachers before school started. Knowing teachers before school started was great because my first day of school I already knew the teachers and what they taught. Meeting people was good for me because I had someone to talk to and I didn’t feel alone. Something that I learned was being prepared in high school is really important. It keeps you organized and in place once you start high school. I think going to 9th Grade Academy is good for incoming 9th graders. We get prepared and ready for high school in that little period of time. DPS should keep doing this for 9th graders, it’s a really nice and thoughtful think to do before starting high school for the first time.

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