CEC Middle College Wins Local Rube Goldberg Competition!

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Rube_Goldberg 1CEC recently competed in, and won, the Rube Goldberg Machine contest at the STEMosphere event at DU. The STEMosphere is a yearly national science fair, held to both expose students to the fun and excitement of STEM fields, and to expose teachers to new and engaging STEM teaching strategies. Popularized by the game Mousetrap, Rube Goldberg Machines utilize a ridiculously complicated series of steps to complete a simple task.
CEC students spent 3 hours planning and gathering materials the night before, and then built their machine on Rube_Goldberg_2site in another 3-hour period. CEC’s machine contained a dozen energy exchanges, featuring a graphing calculator, a mousetrap, and coffee maker. A panel of judges examined each contraption for creativity, length of run time, number of energy exchanges, physics calculations, and frugality of design. CEC students were overjoyed when they announced the winners, and were then showered with confetti from leafblowers.
Rube_Goldberg 4

Team Members included: Monica Chairez, Marjorie Struthers, Jesus Gonzalez, Dave Hutchinson, Emma Bryant, Jose Meza, Evan Jenkins, Mark Clockston



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