CEC Graphic Design Class Creates Self-Portraits

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After learning how to use some of the drawing tools in Adobe Illustrator, the Graphic Design class at CEC created a stylized minimalistic self portrait. The assignment was inspired by local artist Jimmy Sellars. Jimmy has been involved in a variety of creative endeavors since the age of 12. During the course of his life, Jimmy has faced adversity in the form of a visual impairment, in which he spent ten years being legally blind. As a result of that experience, he leaned to recognize people from the barest amount of visual information and he translated that into art, realizing that a person can be recognized by their unique features.

Fortunately due to new medical technology, Jimmy’s sight has been restored through special contact devices, but he shared this project with the CEC Graphic Design class for students to see themselves in a new way.

See below some of their creations:

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