CEC Event Calendar—May 5-June 6

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Calendar Dates (Club Meeting Times listed at the bottom of the calendar)

May 5-9—Spirit Week (Monday: Cinco de Mayo Day, Tuesday: Zombie Day, Wednesday: Classy Day, Thursday: Throwback Day, Friday: Rep Your Class Day)

May 5-8 (Eliot Street will be closed Friday, May 9th)—Restaurant Specials
Soup of the Day

  • Tuesday:  Mushroom Lentil
  • Wed: Bacon and potato soup
  • Thurs: Tomato Parmesan
  • French dip sandwich served with Au Jus and fries
  • Mushroom and italian sausage quiche served with a side salad

May 7—ACT Make-up day

May 9—CEC Car show, Fashion show, Intern exhibit and yearbook distribution

May 12—Last day for CCD

May 13—10th Grade orientation at CCD

May 13—AP Human Geography test

May 14—AP US History test

May 15—Spring Excel Awards

May 16—Internship Exhibit

May 16—Cajun Buffet at the Eliot Street Cafe

May 20—Last day for seniors

May 21—Senior checkout

May 27-29—CEC Finals

May 29—CEC Graduation

June 2-5—CEC Collaborative

June 6—Last day of school (half day)

Club Meetings

Student Board, Room 205, 10:05-10:45
Fitness Club, Room 102, 2:45-4pm, Room 106
Mock Trial, Room 224, 3-4:30pm
National Honor Society, 1st Monday of the month, Room 209, 3-4pm
First Robotics Challenge

Chess Club, Room 209, 10:40am-11:20am
Knitting Club, Room 209, 10:40-11:20am
Young Artist Studio, at the Center for Visual Arts on Santa Fe, 4:30 – 6pm

Student Board, Room 205, 10:05-10:45
GSA, Library, Lunch
Jiu Jitsu, Room 115, 3-3:45pm
Fiber/Jewelry Club, Room 114, 3-4pm
Mock Trial, Room 224, 3-4:30pm
Yearbook, Room 112, 3-4pm
MESA, Room 118, 2:45-4pm
HOSA, Room 103, 2:45-3:15pm
Skills USA/Urban Riders, Room 118, 3-4pm
First Robotics Challenge

Fitness Club, Room 102, 2:45-4pm, Room 106
Mock Trial, Room 224, 3-4:30pm
Film Geeks, 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month
First Robotics Challenge
Yoga, Library, 3:00-4:00pm (Through March 27)

Anime/Asian Culture Club/Club Suzaku, Room 220, 3-5pm
Prom Committee, Room 202, Lunch
Interact Club, Room 218, 3-4pm
Computer Club, Room 110, 3-4:30pm

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