Bret Bonner—Entering the World of Computer Programming—CTE Contest Winner

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At CEC, our motto is Do Something Real, and each day students live this through attending Career and Technical Education (CTE) or for short “career” classes. These courses give them the opportunity to experience working in the real world by gaining the skills they need in the professions that interest them.

February was CTE Month and CEC Middle College of Denver, celebrated by encouraging students to write about what makes their CTE education “real” to them. We had handfuls of great essays, but in the end, we chose five winners and one runner-up.

Over the next two weeks, we will share with you the essays we felt most closely captured the essence of what we do at CEC.

Meet Bret Bonner, a part-time CEC student from Faith Christian, who is a student in the Video Game Programming/Computer Programming class. 

What is real? Real is actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact. “Real” in today’s English can also be used in another way however. This alternate real is most easily defined as: making a difference or having great worth. It is this second real that I would like to focus on. The feeling of making a difference is the one thing every human being in the world wants to feel. The way people go about making a difference in the world is different for each individual. For me, my dream is to change the world through computer programming and game design. Thanks to the computer game design class that CEC offers, real is becoming a reality to me. I am learning skills such as: computer programming, self-discipline, and persistence.

Computers are constantly being improved to make lives easier. Unfortunately, without proper programming these computers are more worthless than a Christmas tree on Halloween. With all these new computers, programmers are needed to create applications and functions for them. In recent years, the need for programmers has exploded because of the advancement of computers. It has been an aspiration of mine to be proficient at coding computers. At CEC, I am learning the first steps in the big world of programming. Famous and successful programmers and innovators that started many years ago are now running companies. Bill Gates said, “Measuring programming progress by lines and code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.” Programming may be a long hard process, but it is worth it to see a computer do what I tell it to.

Self-discipline is the single most important thing I am learning at CEC. In class, I must stay focused and work diligently on long projects without a teacher constantly spurring me on. I have never been self-motivated, but as of recent, I have developed self-discipline. Self-discipline has enabled me to be persistent about my dreams. Without CEC, it may have taken me longer to develop the will power to chase after the things I am passionate about. My career class is preparing me for the future and without it; I would be going into college without any knowledge in programming. Now that I have taken two semesters in video game design class, I feel like I have a head start to continue and excel at my career.

Everyone wants to be real and do something real in their life. Everyone wants to make a difference. My time at CEC has empowered me to have the knowledge of coding and enough self-discipline to continue on with my dreams and aspirations. Thanks to my career class, I am better equipped to face the rough world ahead of me.


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