Architectural Technology Ceiling Tile Project

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By Jamie Gomez-Gonzalez

Our historic architecture ceiling tile painting project was a fun and creative assignment. Before painting, we had created a color wheel. We had also learned about historic architecture. Our objective was not only to paint a building on a ceiling tile; it was to choose a historic building and do some research on the building. My classmates and I then painted the buildings using our color wheel to help guide us and choose colors as we painted our project. As we looked at each other’s projects we learned about our classmates’ buildings and why they chose them. Other students painted Egyptian and Mayan Pyramids, the Space Needle, the Great Wall of China, and a Japanese pagoda. I painted the Saint Basil’s Cathedral and helped paint the Eiffel Tower as well. I learned a lot about Saint Basil’s Cathedral—it is located in Moscow, Russia and its architectural style consists of Russian architecture and Byzantine architecture. The architects to this amazing and colorful building were Postnik Yakovlev and Ivan Barma. This building was finished and opened in 1561. This building is 453 years old! Throughout my project I found myself referring a lot to the color wheel because this beautiful and unique building consists of so many colors and shades. Something I really enjoyed from this project was that as I had fun I also learned new fun facts about historic buildings around the world.  It was a fun experience because not only did we paint for an assignment but we enjoyed it, we knew that our project was going to be shown to the school and we learned from it. Now I know that I am leaving an amazing project for many generations to see. CLASS OF 2016!!

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