All For One and One for All

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“All for one and one for all.” You’ve heard it hundreds of times in hundreds of settings, but this week it is a fitting motto for the CEC Middle College of Denver and the perfect summation of how CEC students are living one of the core Denver Public Schools Values: Collaboration.

While a single classmate was accepted to receive one of the biggest opportunities of her life to date—attending a highly-selective five-week Summer Institute at Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Massachusetts—the question wasn’t whether she was going to accept it, but how she was going to afford the financial obligations that came along with it. Fartun Sherif, the CEC freshman, was accepted to and received a scholarship for the program, but due to family and financial hardship does not have the means to afford some of the experience-enriching “extras” which come with the summer away, including traveling the east coast, eating meals out with her classmates and attending tourist attractions.

With this in mind, the CEC Student Board of Education, which recently conducted a penny harvest fundraiser with the goal of making a donation to a local non-profit, has decided to give the money raised to support their classmate’s goals and aspirations.

“This is a major opportunity for Fartun and her peers did not want to see her miss it. During the decision process of where to donate the money, the CEC students found it most fitting to support one of their own,” said CEC Counselor Candice Neverve. “It was an amazing act of selflessness and collaboration.”

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