Deciding on a high school is an important choice for both student and parent alike. So many things happen during this time in a student’s life—interests developed, paths chosen, post-secondary options to consider—and all have a direct impact on that youth’s future.

At CEC our goal is not only to make the transition to high school easier, but to make it productive, creating students who are well-prepared to face the challenges of a quickly changing world. We want students to graduate with more than a list of core academic courses under their belts. Students who are well-rounded, have more experiences to draw upon and who are guided by both passion and a community of support are more likely to succeed than those who are given a check list of “must take” classes and sent on their way.

At CEC we do things differently. Our value-added programs such as concurrent enrollment, Career and Technology Education (CTE), student internship opportunities and guided college preparation, combined with a small, customized learning environment helps students excel in the classroom and beyond.

In short, here are several reasons to consider CEC as your high school choice:

  1. Relevant: Hands down, CEC has one of the most versatile curriculums you will find in any high school. Students will graduate from CEC prepared for a variety of future paths, including two or four year colleges, entry level careers and/or apprenticeship programs. Not every high school student will have chosen his or her direction by the time high school graduation rolls around, but CEC will have provided exposure to a variety of avenues, including college courses, career skills and professional certifications. In other words, students graduate with options.
  2. Save time, save money: CEC students are afforded the opportunity to save both time and money by attending free college courses during their high school career. Although other schools offer students this same opportunity, CEC does so to a greater degree. Our students, on average earn 9-12 college credits by the time they have graduated. That is nearly a semester worth college credits (and remember they are free as long as the student passes the course), which, depending on the two or four year school the student chooses to attend after graduation, can mean saving thousands of dollars. Breeahna Britt a 2007 graduate earned a full year worth of college credits by attending CEC. Translated into dollars when she attended Clark Atlanta University, her savings were approximately $30,000!
  3. Learn valuable career skills: Students who participate in Career and Technical Education programs learn both specific occupational skills as well as the important soft skills which often give prospective employees the upper hand when undertaking a job search. Even when employees have the same technical skill, those employees who understand the importance of good communication, punctuality, work ethic, proper employment etiquette, etc. are more likely to excel. At CEC we teach these soft skills along with the technical ones, to produce well-rounded future employees with the experience to do well and advance quickly.
  4. Find a passion: “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” —Confucious
    At CEC students are afforded the opportunity to truly explore a variety of fields. With 22 career programs and four years of education, students have the time to learn what they don’t like, what they do like and ultimately what they love doing. Few schools in Denver, let alone the U.S. offer so many opportunities to gain insight into the best fit for a future career. This first-hand career knowledge comes without the high price tag, wasted time and student loan debt incurred when career exploration begins after high school or college. At CEC, students are encouraged to explore and “try on” different careers, again saving time and money when it comes to post-secondary schooling and training.