Kaitlyn (Junior)

[toggle title=”How is CEC helping you achieve your goals?”]I want to be able to get into college and get a degree in film so I can become a film director and with CEC I’m getting college credits for some of my classes and I’m getting hands-on experience with film so I’ll have a head start when I get into the business.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How do you think CEC is different from other schools?”]It’s one of the only schools where you can come and get hands-on experience in the career that you want to do and that’s a really amazing thing. [/toggle] [toggle title=”What are you taking away from your college experiences?”]It makes me feel more advanced than other high schools, because not a lot of high school students get the opportunity to take college classes. And I like the freedom you get because you get to choose your college classes. It’s a really interesting experience.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How does that make you feel about attending college when you graduate?”]At first I was really scared because I was surrounded by all these college students and I didn’t know what to expect, but now that I’ve been taking all these college classes I feel like when I get into college, it’s not going to be such a big scary thing. [/toggle] [toggle title=”How are you Doing Something Real?”]I get hands on experience in my film class. In our film program, we have more equipment than most colleges have. So it’s a really good experience for me to get hands-on knowledge of how to work cameras, how to do sound, and how to be in the industry.[/toggle] [divider] Basheer-CEC-senior

Basheer (Senior)

[toggle title=”How is CEC helping you achieve your goals?”] CEC is helping me achieve my goals by preparing me for the next step which is college and by introducing me to people through internship opportunities and career classes and to be on a college campus.[/toggle] [divider] Eli-CEC-Junior

Eli (Junior)

[toggle title=”How has CEC helped you start reach your goals?”]It started by giving me a head start with the fitness training. Now I know the basics of it so when I go to college to study for it, it I’m not going to be brand new to it, I’m going to have some background knowledge.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”How are you doing something real at CEC?”]The first semester of the fitness class I took, I actually applied it on a friend of mine. He’s 28-years-old and I asked him if he wanted to be my client. I told him “I’m studying for this and I really want to get good at it.” He said sure. Now I’m training him on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays. So it’s like I’m actually doing what I like.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How is CEC different from other schools?”]The main thing is the Career classes…other schools don’t have those career classes. The other thing is the college credits you can get. Other hs do have them, but not as many. At CEC you can get college credit from the time you are a freshman[/toggle] [toggle title=”What does CEC do to help you achieve your goals?”]They don’t let you fail. If you’re behind they actually call home. They call home and say “we want you here so you can pass.” They don’t let you fail. That’s the thing I like.[/toggle] [divider] Amanda-CEC-Freshman

Amanda (Freshman)

[toggle title=”What do you like about CEC?”]CEC is challenging and I know that life will be challenging so CEC is helping me right now. And going through CEC will help prepare me for my future[/toggle] [divider] Jermaine-shared-population-student

Jermaine (Senior/Shared Population Student)

[toggle title=”Why did you come to CEC?”]I am a part-time student at CEC and I came here to get experience, learn something new and to take a class that is not offered at my home high school.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How has CEC helped you start reaching your goals?”]Someday I want to own my own restaurant business and culinary arts is teaching me things like kitchen safety, how to keep food safe, the right ingredients to use and how to make certain dishes.[/toggle] [toggle title=”How are you Doing Something Real?”]We serve breakfast burritos in the mornings and I have been able to learn how to make them so we can serve them to students and staff in the school.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What do you like best about CEC?”]The hands-on experience because it helps me learn faster and do better.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What does CEC do to help you achieve your goals?”]Taking this class makes it easier to get a job in a restaurant right now because I have some experience and skills in the kitchen and I have been able to help make food that we serve in the restaurant.[/toggle]